Its out!

2016-10-14 16:01:49 by chrisbasso

Pacman Adventures 2 is out, i uploaded this because i didn't want the animation that people did for this go to waste.




New Series.

2016-09-10 18:24:30 by chrisbasso


5010041_147354607352_PCAJaquinsScene.pngPicture drawn by @Jaquin58



I couple months ago i made this animation called Pacman Adventures, the first episode didn't make too much sense but i'm making an episode 2 but then i will no longer continue the series because of these reasons:

1. The character Pacman is unoriginal

2. The first episode didn't make too much sense. (Again)

3. The animation on the first episode looked well, weird.


Here is the first episode.


And yeah.


I'm getting help with animating this with these talented people.

@Megacharlie159, @Jonarock, @Lulpai, @Jaquin58, @RGPStudios etc.


Though the production on this series is going really slow. BUT thats why i'm continuing an old series of mine with original characters i created and kinda makes more sense.


Losers (2015)

Ep 1 (the animation was not the best because i was still experimenting with animation)

Ep 2:



and thats all i got for now.


To keep you updated i will mostly be active on my twitter so follow me if ya want.